The ever changing face of beauty.

Throughout the years, we have seen the makeup industry evolve constantly, with companies and brands expanding their shade ranges for people of colour, even using a diverse range of women to be the faces of their brands. Much has changed within the beauty industry and even history was made. In 2015, Dior launched their Secret Garden Campaign which saw global sensation Rihanna named as the front woman, making her the first coloured woman ever to represent the brand which has been around since 1946.

It doesn’t stop there either. Over the last few years, we’ve seen companies who are huge in the makeup industry really try hard to make their branding more diverse and suitable to people of every colour. Especially companies like Estée Lauder and L’Oreal who have introduced women of colour, like Frieda Pinto and Joan Smalls, to represent and advertise their brands on both billboards and magazine advertisements.

The beauty industry have also seen the vast amounts of beauty vloggers hitting the scene in the last three years, putting themselves on both YouTube and Instagram showing the world their makeup skills and reviews, which has become a popular trend with this generation. The amount of popularity and attention that these vloggers have achieved has even led cosmetic brands – both big and small, using these normal everyday people to sponsor their brands and even collaborate with them on special one-off palettes and lipsticks. In 2016, YouTube star Shaaanxo released an eyeshadow and lip-gloss line with BH Cosmetics, followed by fellow YouTube star NikkieTutorials, who collaborated with Too Faced, releasing a huge range of eyeshadows, blushes etc.

It’s not just female vloggers who are taking the beauty industry by storm, YouTube has also opened up a world for male beauty. Last year saw female dominated brand CoverGirl have its first ‘CoverBoy’ as the ambassador of their popular brand. James Charles is a 17-year-old beauty vlogger from New York who has received vast amounts of attention for his dynamic and unique makeup skills and techniques. It’s not just James who has received this much attention, the world of blogging has made a name for people like Jeffree Starr, who now has his own beauty empire – and an impressive one. Fellow male vloggers MannyMUA and PatrickStarr have also started their own ranges with Manny becoming the face for Maybelline and having his own eyeshadow palette with MakeupGeek.

But do people really agree with male beauty?

vpa1Miss. Alesha Riley | 21 | Hair Dresser | Beeston, Leeds.
“I think that it’s great how these big brands are using males as their ambassadors as it’s helping other men who may be afraid of wearing makeup, to actually embrace it. Although I’m slightly jealous of most of these male beauty gurus do makeup better than me.”

vpa2Mr. Josh Thompson | 18 | Chef | Harehills, Leeds.
“Personally, I don’t agree with men wearing make-up. It’s not a manly thing to do, I mean I understand why they want to do it- each to their own but I really don’t understand the whole point of it.”


What’s your opinion on the male contraceptive injection that is currently being developed?

vp3 Mr. Gary Wainwright | 40 | Car Dealer | Harehills, Leeds.
“I don’t agree with it. Women should be the only ones who should take contraception. If they weren’t so selfish and forgetful when it comes to taking contraception, then men wouldn’t have to take it.”





Miss. Kate Owen | 21 | Admin. Assistant | Cross Gates, Leeds.
“I think that it’s a good idea because there’s been a lot cases where women have said it’s always left up to them and women feel like a big burden and pressure to get these implants and injections, and it’s not fair for only women to go through the pain, it’s up to the guys as well. It’s dual responsibility.”




Ms. Janet Sigsworth | 50 | Administrator | vp4Swillington, Leeds.
“I think that it’s a good idea, especially if there is a case of a woman not being able to take any contraception due to medical reasons etc. It also helps males stay safe just in case they’re prone to one night stands.”




vp2Miss. Dominika Sep | 19 | Film student @ Leeds Beckett University | Beeston, Leeds.
“I’m really glad that they’re in the process of creating it because I believe in equality, so if girls go through something then so should the guys.”

Mr. Joe Cusack | 20 | Retail Manager | Bramley, Leeds.
“I think it should just be for girls because it always has been and we shouldn’t break what I see as a traditional thing.”

Presents in January?

Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night have passed, everybody knows Christmas is just around the corner. Chantal Scott, a 19 year old nurse at St James’ Hospital from Halton, Leeds sat down with us to discuss how she feels about Christmas.

What values do you appreciate at Christmas time?

I appreciate how nice it is to spend time with family and being able to connect with them. It’s an amazing to have everyone sat around the table, eating Christmas dinner, joking around with each other.

It also makes you appreciate what you have in oppose to others, making you reflect on people who don’t get the same opportunity as you.

What’s your opinion on the popular thought that Christmas is more commercial than traditional nowadays?

It should be spent entirely with your family. Christmas is more commercial nowadays, with constant advertising for kids presents etc. and it’s making kids become greedy and less focused on the traditional side of Christmas.

Do you think religion still plays a big part in celebrating Christmas?

Definitely not. I feel as if Jesus/God aren’t appreciated anymore and that people forget about their Christian values nowadays. I went to a Catholic high school and college and I think the religious meaning of Christmas is then pushed onto you more.

Considering the fact that you’re half Italian, would you say Christmas at your home is any different to how it is celebrated generally?

My dad is English so we try to mix both ways of celebrating Christmas. On Christmas Day, we celebrate with the huge family gathering and the meal but then on the 6th January we celebrate Befana which is when the kids open their presents.

But everything else, like the music, crackers, and the vibe is all there just like anybody else who celebrates Christmas.